Student Requirements

For Segment 1 you must be 14 years and 8 months before the first day of class. Class locations are Lakeview High School, CTA, and Greenville. All Segment 1 Classes are 24 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind the wheel driving. Students also gain observation hours. To Pass Segment 1 you must pass a driving evaluation and must receive 70% on the State exam.

You need to have held your level One License for 3 consecutive months before you are eligible for Segment 2. Segment 2 consists of 3 classes, each class is 2 hours long. There is a State exam that is required to pass.(20 questions) To show eligibility, please bring your Level one license that has been held for 3 consecutive months (this is the first line printed on your license.) logged hours, 30 anytime hours and 2 night time hours. Parent signature required

“No Excuse” Driving School L.L.C. offers Adult Drivers Instruction for $45 an hour with a minimum of 3 hours. You will spend time driving with an instructor. Learning the parking maneuvers, and given an evaluation afterwards. All adult instruction is by appointment only. Materials are provided. Please provide your Temporary Instruction Permit at time of service.